Teen Pediatric Dentistry

Just because your teenager isn't a child anymore, doesn't mean she should stop seeing her pediatric dentist. The role of the Pediatric Dentist changes as children enter adolescence. Dentistry to meet the special needs of teens and adolescents is an important part of the specialized training for pediatric dentists. Growing doesn't stop at childhood – teens experience important growth in their faces and jaws. Teens are also getting the last of their permanent teeth, and teeth that have just come through the gums are especially vulnerable to decay. Additionally, teenagers start becoming responsible for their own diet and nutrition choices, and it's important that those choices are come from a solid foundation of dental health.

The adolescent patient is recognized as having distinctive needs due to: a potentially high caries rate; increased risk for traumatic injury and periodontal disease; a tendency for poor nutritional habits; an in-creased esthetic desire and awareness; complexity of combined orthodontic and restorative care (eg, congenitally missing teeth); dental phobia; potential use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; pregnancy; eating disorders; and unique social and psychological needs.

The Pediatric Dentist is aware of all these issues and is best qualified to guide your teenager about oral health care in this special period of her/his life.


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